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The Open Galleries of Fine Arts / GAB-A

The Open Galleries of Fine Arts (GAB-A) are a periodic event of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. On the 18 and 19th of April the 9th edition of the galleries will take place. Throughout the year all students, from all courses and study programs, were invited to participate showing their personal artistic projects within the actual space these where thought and carried out. In this way all the spaces of the ancient São Francisco Convent, be they workshops, studios or laboratories, are visitable, filled with works from such diverse areas as drawing, design, photography, sculpture, video, or, painting, among others.

The goals of this event are the following:

1. To establish an environment conducive to art students furthering their capacites in decision making, auto critique and, autonomy.

2. To promote bridges and dialogue between students of all fields ( Painting, Sculpture, Equipment Design, Communication Design, Drawing, Art and Heritage Sciences, Art and Multimedia) and all study program levels (bachelor, masters and doctorate).

3. To establish bridges and dialogues with the outside public

4. To promote questioning the worlds of art: the value of art?

It is not a usual exhibition. It does deal with the opening and showing of work spaces and art research, in the spirit of the workshop, the craft, the factory, the studio, or the laboratory, in a very informal mode. A forum / fair, where the pragmatic questions about the universe of the artistic object or “thing," are practiced; the exhibition, the values, the commission,the constitution of groups, the definition of strategies for future artistic activity and, above all, contact with other thoughts, both internal and external, both from specialists and amateurs.

Additional information:
Number of participating artists: 179
The 9th edition of the GAB-A is supported by Casa das Artes de Tavira, Associação 25 de Abril and Instituto de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa.
Free entry and visit from 14 to 19 h.
Address: Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Largo da Academia das Belas Artes (Chiado), Lisboa.
Site: http://l.facebook.com/l/cAQFTV0cfAQF16ZiE27CXz4-X378XOLAGAS75RIYa9UFmlw/www.fba.ul.pt
Blog: galeriasabertas-belasartes.blogspot.pt/
Facebook: facebook.com/GaleriasAbertasBelasArtes


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